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Terra Antyda Sani New Princess of Heart "Nelli", the daughter of Becky and Onni (Terra Antyda Sani Becky & Daily Rays Midnight Prince)opened up the Christmas season wonderfully!

On the 1st of Dec. 2007 Nelli turned five months and on the same day she entered the show ring followed by incredible success!!! In the prestigious CHRISTMAS SHOW of the kennel club of Estonia, this little princess was BOB-puppy, BEST IN SHOW- puppy and finally ended the day being BEST IN SHOW!!!

Results & videos from the show:

On the 11th of December much expected litter of 8 puppies was born in kennel
Rogerwiek for SULO & CINDY (Lorinford Harlequin & Rogerwiek Charming Cinderella)!!!

Golden memories from the summer of 2007:
At the end of August the Daily Rays family was happy to receive a new member to the family, the son of Onni; Oiva!

This little Prince has already captured all of our hears.

Mairi, we are very grateful to you for this perfect bundle of joy!

Terra Antyda Sani New Prince of Heart "Oiva"
During the most beautiful time of summer we were honoured to have visitors from Germany, Evelyn and Hajo as well as "Chelsea" and "Jalo".

Of course we also participated in shows where Dt.Ch.VDH, FIN Ch Daily Rays Charming Spring "Jalo" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) grapped for souvenir the title of Finnish Champion! :) Also mommy-Wilma had her best gear on when winning the bitches... :)
Perfect day...

Evi and Hajo, you are the kind of friends we appreciate greatly! We are eagerly
looking forward to next summer and having you here as our guests again!

FIN W-06 Lorinford Hesperides "Wilma" & Ch Daily Rays Charming Spring "Jalo"
On the very memorable day of 16th July we received great news!

Sulo's son, AM CH - UCH Manor's Galahad "Harry" CD RA CGC ASCA CD (Lorinford Harlequin & Manor's Diamonds Are Forever)had received the title of American Champion and has also achieved great results in the field! Therefore Harry is not only handsome but also smart and willing to work!!!

Patricia and Brenda, I am very grateful to you for all of this!
Daily Rays Midnight Prince "Onni" fathered a great litters in Estonia.

On the 1st of July in kennel Terra Antyda Est & Lv & Ltu & Balt JCh, Baltic JW`04 & Ltu JW´05 Terra Antyda Sani Becky "Becky" gave birth to 7 strong puppies - 5 boys and 2 girls!

Terra Antyda Sani New Princess of Heart "Nelli"

On the 9th of July Est JCh Rogerwiek Blossom Of Fern "Sophie" also in kennel Rogerwiek had a very strong and even litter (520g-540 g) - 3 boys and 1 girl!

Rogerwiek Heavenly Honey "Sirka"

We can be very proud of both litters!!!
Dt. CH VDH Daily Rays Charming Spring "Jalo" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Heperides) received a confirmation on the 23rd May, 2007 that he is now GERMAN CHAMPION!!! What makes the title so valuable is the FIELD TRIALS Jugendprüfung für Retriever which Jalo passed on the 11th Sept, 2005 & HZP passed on the 24th Sept, 2005!

Here is a list of CCs which Jalo needed in order to gain his title:

15th Oct, 2005, Bonn, judge: Cooper
26th March, 2006, Cloppenburg, judge: Harms
17th June, 2006, Dresden, judge: Kirschbichler
10th Sept, 2006, Lepzig (NAT.), judge: Winter
14th April, 2007, Erfurt, judge: Gabriel

Evi and Jalo, I do not have words to describe how grateful and happy I am for this amazing achievement of yours! <3

Heartfelt hugs and congratulations Evi and Jalo and welcome to Finland this summer! :)

Following her mother Wilma's pawsteps Daily Rays Spring Honey "Maija" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) also quickly gained all the CCs needed for a champion title! Now there is one more dog in the Daily Rays family waiting to take the Qualifying test for Field Trial! :)

The second CC was received in Teuva on the 21st April, 2007 when Maija won the open class and was placed BB-3, the judge was Leila Kärkäs.

On the 19th May, 2007 In Kaustinen Maija got her third CC by "taking it all"!!!
She won the open class, was BOB and BIG-4. The group competition was especially difficult because groups 7 and 8 were competing in the same ring!
Judge: Jukka Kuusisto
Maija's critique:
"Happy in the ring. Bitch with good bone, good head and expression. Strong back, spacious chest, excellent extremities and movement, beautiful coat."
The proud father Daily Rays Midnight Prince "Onni" wags his tail happily to his dear Micky Moon Sun Flower "Nala", who has done a wonderful job with the puppies, and also to his two gorgeous boys and seven beautiful daughters!!!

For more information and inquiries, please contact: nina.tiainen (at) pp.inet.fi
Wilson and his daughter Jenna had a perfect day in the Lappeenranta all-breed show on the 9th of April 2007!!!

Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise "Wilson" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) stole the show by receiving his third CC, being the BOB and, to top it all, ending the day as BIG-4!!!

The winner of the bitches was Wilson's daughter Croisantin Lady Linchpin "Jenna" (Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise & Croisantin Beam Beauty) who competed in the junior class. She also received a CC and, as mentioned, was BOS!!!

Our warmest congratulations Heini & Wilson and Victoria & Jenna!!!

Wilma collected her CCs in a very fast phase in order to be able to participate into a test which qualifies for the field... :)

In the Alajärvi group show on the 1st of April 2007, Lorinford Hesperides "Wilma"(Fairfield Fishers Wish In Narside & Lorinford Toffee-Nosed) was BOS and received her third CC!!!

Pippa follows her dad Sulo's golden pawsteps!!!

Sulo's daughter EuW-06 Est & Lv & Ltu JCH & BaltJW-03 & LvJW-04 & BaltW-04 Terra Antyda Sani Alabama "Pippa" (Lorinford Harlequin & Majik Greensleeves) was the TOP WINNING GOLDEN IN 2006 in Estonia!!!

Warmest thank you Mairi, this achievement is also a great tribute from you to the memory of our beloved Sulo!!!

In Alavus group show on the 20th January 2007 participated 92 Goldens. In this show our two princesses Wilma and Maija started the show year with lots of enthusiasm and success! :)

 The winner of the open class was W-06 Lorinford Hesperides "Wilma" (Fairfield Fishers Wish In Narside &Lorinford Toffee-Nosed) and in the same class, holding 21 bitches, Daily Rays Spring Honey"Maija" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) was placed 4th with Excellent!!!

In the end Wilma was placed BB-2 and received a res-CC!!!

News of our "Onni's" future puppies from kennel MICKY MOON!

The litter is expected to be born in the beginning of March.
For more information and the necessary contacts: http://www.koirat.com/kennelsivu.phtml?id=1371 

"Ulpu's" New Year started in the best possible way!!!

Ch Daily Rays Sun Shine "Ulpu" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) was entered into the prestigious Paris dogshow in Le Bourget on the 6th January, 2007. Ulpu succeeded by being the best bitch; 1st excellent, champion class, CACIB and BOS!!!

Our warmest hugs of congratulations to Frédéric and Ulpu!!!

* * *

In addition our late Sulo was recognized in the form of his progeny also on the dog-classes:
Gold Chorus Athos (Sulo's "grandchild"), CACIB
Teddy Bear Petit Coin Paradis (Sulo's son), res-CACIB

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