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Photo © Virpi Vaistomaa

Our own pretty woman :) "Wilma" Lorinford Hesperides (Fairfield Fishers Wish In Narside & Lorinford Toffee-Nosed) participated in the very respected international FINNISH WINNER 2006 show!!! 
Wilma won all the golden bitches and she got the WINNER-06 title. She was also rewarded by CC, CACIB and right to participate in Crufts 2007 or 2008. 
Wilma's funny, strong personality comes out well with these big events! 

Warmly thank you Heini for Wilma's fabulous handling, you made our pleasure perfect!!!

Judge: Jan Roger Sage (Norway)
"Almost 7 years old. Excellent breed type. Beautiful head & expression. Long neck. Beautiful front. Good bones. Level topline. Good angulations. Moves very well. In full coat."

A trip to World Winner 2006 arranged in Poznan, Poland on the 12th Nov, 2006 was a trip of loving memories to us!

The memories of touched us deeply as we walked in that familiar place where Sulo, in 2000, was so much more than just a winner to a lot of people...

We enjoyed the success of all Daily Rays goldens and want to thank our dear friends for the time we got to spend with you!

With love,
Helena & Juhani and, of course, Viivi :)

In Winnenden Club Show in Germany on the 19th of Sept, 2006 "Finn" Daily Rays Catch the Wind (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) won the open class with a wonderful review and received a CC!!!

Our warmest congratulations Cathy & Gérard and Finn!!

On the 14th of Sept, 2006 Finnish Kennel Association confirmed the DK Ch and NORD Ch titles to BH INT&FIN& Lv&SU Ch LvW "Lotta"Creamline Cherry Lady (Lorinford Harlequin&Sartsa's Amanda)!!!

Our best congratulations to Ulla, Marina ja Multi-Ch Lotta!!!

On the 10th Sept, 2006 In Leipzig, Germany "Jalo" Daily Rays Charming Spring (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) got his fourth CC towards gaining a champion title which includes a hunting test!!! This means that the next CC will award Jalo the title of German Champion!!!

Our dearest congratulations Evi and Jalo!!!

In Kuopio on the 9th of Sept, 2006 "Elvis" Carneval's Tell Me Why (Lorinford Harlequin & Carneval's Moment of Magic) passed NOU1 which finished his title of Finnish Champion since he already had all the necessary CCs!!!

Our best congratulations Anniina and Elvis!!!

In Luxenbourg on the 2nd of Sept, 2006 Ch Daily Rays Sun Shine "Ulpu" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) won the champion class, gained a CC and became the Luxenbourg Champion!!! Obviously Ulpu has decided to offer us a title every year. :)

Our warmest congratulations Frédéric and Ulpu!!!

In August 2006 In Houston, Texas "Harry" Manor's Galahad (Lorinford Harlequin & Manor's Diamonds Are Forever) won the major (5 points); what a wonderful achievement for a 2,5 year-old Golden!!! In addition to this victory he has also gained more points and now Harry is half way in achieveing the title of US Ch!

In addition Harry has a beginner's class title in Obedience!!!

Our warmest congratulations Pat and Harry!!!

Golden Ring's 25-year-old celebration show in Maaninka on the 26th Aug, 2006 attracted 119 goldens!
Photos © Marja Konimäki
Photos © Marja Konimäki

After a show break of about two years, "Onni" Daily Rays Midnight Prince (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) returned to the ring as a CC-winner!!! Onni was placed second in the open class and fourth in the best male class and won a very prestigious CC!
Judge: Mrs Val Burns (GB)

"Well balanced dog. Excels in short coupled balanced body. Excellent bone and substance. Beautiful feet. Well made hindquarters. Shining beautiful coat and condition. Just moved a little close behind."

"Wilson" Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) was placed fourth in the open class among 18 dogs! Great achievement once again!!!
Judge: Mrs. Val Burns (GB)

"Beautiful balanced outline Good masculine head with soft expression. Well boned for legs with good tight feet. Deep well ribbed body. Well made hindquarters. Moved very well. Would prefer better tailcarriage."

Warm hugs and congratulations Heini and Wilson!!!

Our pretty women :) "Wilma" Lorinford Hesperides (Fairfield Fishers Wish in Narside & Lorinford Toffee-Nosed) and her daughter "Maija" Daily Rays Spring Honey (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) also enjoyed the day to the fullest and received wonderful judgings in the open class (both got excellent) as well as the admires of the crowd!!!
Tuomari Mrs Ann Haggerin (GB), Wilma's judging:

"A real happy showgirl, constantly wagging tail. Larger cast. She has a stronger head, but with a good expression. Excels in upper arm. Enough shoulder. Well angulated quarters. Solid topline. Very mature. Moved very well and stylishly."

Tuomari Mrs Ann Haggerin (GB), Maija's judging:
"Lovely mature bitch. Shown in full, rich, golden coat. Plenty of featering. Shown in hard condition, which showed as she moved. Feminine head with the kindest of expression, lovely and soft. Good reach of neck. Well-laid shoulder. Enough upper arm. Well angulated quarters. A quality bitch."

CCs in both bitches and dogs to Daily Rays Goldens, on top of that res-CC in bitches to "grandma-Nelli"!!!

On the 29th of July in Seinäjoki groupshow, the winner of the dogs was Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise "Wilson" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal), in addition to being the best dog and BOS, he received a CC!!!

Hugs and congratulations, Heini and Wilson!!!

Photos © Maria Konimäki
Photos © Marja Konimäki

Daily Rays Spring Honey "Maija" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) was
best bitch -2 and received a CC!!!

Photos © Maria Konimäki
Photos © Marja Konimäki

Dewmist Cardanella "Nelli" (Cassmick Confident Cadet & Dewmist Clarinetto) was placed 3rd best bitch and gained a res-CC!!!

Photos © Maria Konimäki
Photos © Marja Konimäki

To our own girls this was the very first show of the year and thus provided a very nice start for the show season. :)

"Lord-Ford" wins already his second CC!!!

In Estonia, in the Räpina national dogshow on the 29th of July, 2006, Honey Queen's Amaretto "Lord-Ford" (Lorinford Harlequin & Birdcherrys the Way Old Friends Do), was best dog, BOS and received a CC!!!
WOW, he is really doing magnificently! :)

Hugs and congratulations Mairi and Lord-Ford!!!

"Pippa" gains a BIS-placement in an all-breed show!!! 

In Luige, Estonia on the 8th of August, 2005, EuW & Est&Lv&Ltu JCH & BaltJW-03 & LvJW-04 & BaltW-04 Terra Antyda Sani Alabama "Pippa" (Lorinford> Harlequin & Majik Greensleeves) did an amazing job by being BOB, BIG-1 and finishing the day with BIS-4 placement, WHAT AN OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT FOR A GOLDEN!

Roses and congratulations Mairi and Pippa!!!

"Jalo" top-winning golden and a title of VDH-Sieger Dresden 2006!

Daily Rays Charming Spring "Jalo" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) participated All Breed Dog Show in Dresden June the 16th 2006. He won the working class, was Best of Breed Dog, got his 3rd CC and the brilliant show day was crowned by a victory lap as a BOB-golden and a winner of VDH-Sieger Dresden 2006 title!

Our dearest and warmest congratulations Evi and Jalo. We are proud of you!

Sulo’s mighty heritage is living trough his progeny as splendid successes in show rings!

At European Winner Dog Show 2006 in Helsinki June the 9th "Sulo’s" daughter Est&Lv&Ltu JCH & BaltJW-03 & Lv JW-04 & BaltW-04 Terra Antyda Sani Alabama “Pippa” (Lorinford Harlequin & Majik Greensleeves) stepped on "the golden paw prints" of her famous father as a EUROPEAN WINNER 2006 and BOB-GOLDEN getting CACIB and CC!

Photos © Adsum

Granddaughter Est&Ltu JCH & BaltJW-06 & BaltW-06 Dunehill’s Miss Gigi at Terra Antyda “"Blondie" (Stanroph Squandron Leader & Daily Rays Midnight Queen) gained superbly the title of EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2006.

Photos © Adsum

Mairi, Pippa and Blondie, you are a marvellous top team. Our warm hugs and congratulations to you all!

"Lotta" became International Champion!

INT CH – title of FIN & LV CH & S CH (S) LW-05 Creamline Cherry Lady (Lorinford Harlequin & Sartsa’s Amanda) has been confirmed June the 16th 2006.

Our warmest congratulations to Ulla, Marina and Lotta!

"Lord-Ford’s" debut to show rings started great!

At his later age of 4 years started Honey Queen’s Amaretto "Lord-Ford" (Lorinford Harlequin & Birdcherrys the Way Old Friends Do) his show career and succeeded great at National Dogshowe for groups 8 and 9 in Luunja, Estonia June 18th 2006. He won open class and finally went Best Dog-2 and got his first CC under judge Peter Perchtold, Austria.

Warm hugs to Mairi and Lord-Ford and lots of luck and success to upcoming shows!

Photo © Bimbik

CH Daily Rays Sun Shine "Ulpu's (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) sunny greetings from Normandy are always pleasant to read to the breeder! At Chartre International Dog show June 24th 2006 Ulpu won champion class and gained CACIB under judge Jean Louis Pigal!

Warm hugs and congratulations Frédéric and Ulpu, you have done great job!
"Travis" delighted by sending top news from Germany...

The splendid, golden success-story of CH & MultiW Travis of Graceful Delight (Lorinford Harlequin & Kerrin of Graceful Delight) continues with great results...At Colmar International Dog Show in France April the 1st 2006 “Travis” won champion class, got CC and second necessary foreign CACIB for his great upcoming title. Not more than 1 year and 18 days took from Travis to achieve domestic and foreign CACIBs (minimum 1 year and 1 day). Travis will be the 3rd golden retriever in Germany with this top title:
Internationaler Schönheitschampion mit Arbeitsprüfung
FCI’s confirmation for the title will be expected...

Here a great range of Travis’ different trials and test of higher grade

08.10.2005 7. Platz Fortgeschrittenenklasse beim Workingtest "Westerwald-Cup" in Altenkirchen 17.09.2005 5. Platz Fortgeschrittenenklasse beim Workingtest "Senne-Cup" in Oerlinghausen 
16.05.2005 2. Platz Fortgeschrittenenklasse beim Workingtest in Beauraing (Belgien) 
- Qualifikation für das Workingtest-Finale in Belgien 
07.11.2004 Dummy APD/F nach der neuen Punkteregelung mit 74 von 80 Punkte
09.10.2004 1. Platz Fortgeschrittenenklasse beim Cold-Game-Workingtest in Bertainchamps (Belgien) 
- gearbeitet wurde mit Enten - mit 99 von 100 Punkten 
17.07.2004 2. Platz Fortgeschrittenenklasse beim RTT-Internationaler Workingtest 
(Best Handler des WT: Christine Becker) - Qualifikation für das Workingtest-Finale in Deutschland 02.11.2003 Suchensieg bei der Bringleistungsprüfung (BLP) mit 310 Punken / jüngster teilnehmender Hund 06.09.2003 Start bei der Newcomer Trophy: Travis erreicht eine Platzierung in den TOP 10 04.05.2003 3. Platz Anfängerklasse beim Workingtest in Beauraing (Belgien) 
02.11.2002Dummy A mit 33 Punkten
28.09 2002 Wesenstest bestanden 31.08.2002 jagdliche Jugendprüfung mit 244 Punkten

At DRC’s Special Club Show in Beckum June the 11th 2006 Travis of Graceful Delight won a very strong champion class, got CC, became Best of Breed Dog and beated finally his opposite sex and became BOB-golden from over 180 golden retrievers under judge Monika Emshausen (Germany)
"Very lovely male with lots of expression, beautiful head, good pigmentation, very good topline, good reach of neck, excellent front- and hind quarters, good chest, strong bone and feet, stylish powerful mover."

Our warmest congratulations to Christine, Peter & Travis!

Cheerful greetings from "Overseas"

After spending years as a pet Tashora Major Majong "Major" (Lorinford Harlequin & Tashora Ranchosiera Moonstruck) returned back to his breeder Louise and entered the show ring for his first time at Mount Cheam Dog Show June 25th 2006 being superbly under judge Honey Glendinning Best of Winners!

Our dearest congratulations and hugs to Louise and Major and lots of luck and success for upcoming shows!

Championsclubmatch of GRCN in Apeldoorn May 25th 2006 had amazing 650 golden entries competing of Clubwinner titles!
Ch Daily Rays Sun Shine "Ulpu" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) participated very strong open class of 9 bitches, as a youngest of the class and placed superbly EXC4 under judge Mr. Roy Maynard (GB)
"Super made bitch with good feminine head. Good neck and front. Level top line with correct tail set. Well made body with good rear angulation. Well presented with good movements"

Dear congratulations and hugs to Frédéric and Ulpu!

Photo © Adsum
Ch Daily Rays Sun Shine. Photo © Adsum

Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise "Wilson" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) placed at Joensuu All Breed show May the 27th 2006 Wilson greatly EXC2 and went finally Best Dog-4 with fine judgement under Mr. Theo Leenen, Belgium.
"3 years old. Nice type. Well balanced. Very attractive head. Dark eyes. Full scissors bite. Good neck, shoulder & topline. Gay tail. Well angulated. Good forechest. Correct coat. God movements, bit narrow behind."

Warm Congratulations and dear hug to Heini and Wilson!

Finn's little-sister "Chelsea" Daily Rays Midnight Queen (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) participated Wieze International Dog Show in Belgium May the 20th 2006. She won the open class, got her 3rd CC and went finally BOS!
Chelsea is really a sweet golden queen!

Ann, John and Chelsea, congratulations and warm hugs to you all!

Great to hear French news from Finn!

At RCS-CLUB Show in Luzern April the 9th 2006 "Finn" Daily Rays Catch the Wind (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) won splendidly top-level open class of 20 studs and got CC again. Worse to his Dad was not Finn’s son Ashbury Venetian Spirit, who won the intermediate class and got also CC, both under judge Mrs C. Zingg, France.
What a fine day for Dad and son!!

Dear congratulations and warm hugs to Cathy and Finn!

Onni's only-daughter Emma, Terra Antyda Sani Emmeliini (Daily Rays Midnight Prince & Majik Greensleaves) made a magnificent debut to show rings the 13th May at Gundogs Special Show in Estonia. She was BOB-junior, took junior-CC and finally went BOB-golden!

Onni-dad and the whole Daily Rays family are very proud of Emma’s achievements and sent warm congratulations and hugs to Mairi and Emma!


Emma has also received her official health certificates; hips A/A, elbows 0/0! GREAT!!

Daily Rays Charming Spring "Jalo" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) goes on with excellent success...

At the International “VDH Europasiegerzuchtschau-06” the 5th of May in Dortmund Jalo was EXC-3. Great placement at big show!!!
At the Lingen International dog show the 23rd April 2006 Jalo was EXC-2 in working class and took ReservCC to his credit.
At the Berlin International dog show the 1st of May Jalo placed EXC-4 in working class under judge Mrs Crosbie (GB)

“A good upstanding typical golden. Superb fore and aft. Good timber and good cat feet. Well presented. Moving with drive. A very nice smooth topline on the move.”

Our dearest congratulations and warm hugs Evi and Jalo!

Daily Rays Midnight Queen “Chelsea” (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) made her entree also at “VDH-Europasiegerzuchtschau-06” in Dortmund the 5th of May by placing splendidly EXC-3 in a very strong open class of 20 bitches under judge Mrs Birgit Rabe (G):

“Very lovely type of bitch. Lovely head and expression. Very good neck and topline. Good in ribs and well laid-back shoulders. Very good front and in super coat condition. Moves whit good drive.”

Superb achievement Ann & Chelsea, you are team number-1!!

Our dearest congratulations and warm hugs to you Ann, John and Chelsea!

Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise “Wilson” (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) managed to take time from his other hobbies for the show rings! :)

In Muurola 22nd April 2006 he took EXC-2 in open class and went brilliantly Best Dog-2 gaining Res-CC!!!
In Kajaani the 29th April 2006 he was EXC-3 in open class.
At the beginning of this year Wilson received a fine attention from Kainuu Retriever Club. He was nominated and awarded as a SHOW NEWCOMER of 2005!

Our cheerful congratulations and big hug to you Heini and Wilson! 

Jalo's lucky day in Cloppenburg! 

Daily Rays Charming Spring "Jalo" (Lorinford Harlequin x Lorinford Hesperides) performed successfully again at Clubsieger show in Cloppenburg the 26th of April 2006 by winning the working class and achieving his second CC under judge Dieter Harms!!!

Dear hugs and warm thanks Evi and Jalo!

Kuva © Roberto

Photo © Roberto

Happy news from Bavaria to the breeder!

On his long winter holidays in South-Germany Daily Rays Touch of Sun “Mika” (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) dropped in on the CACIB-Munich the 4th of March with his host Hermann Lutz. The success was splendid, BOB, CC, CACIB and finally BIG-3 under judge H. Müller! He also gained title Landessieger Bayern 2006!

We cordially thank Doris and Hermann Lutz for hosting Mika and for fine show success in Munich!

Ch Daily Rays Sun Shine "Ulpu" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) wonderfully 5th on the ranking list!!! 

In France the magazine "Vos Chiens" lists the breeders and dogs who have done the best according to points awarded of CCs, CACIBs, Champion titles etc. 

Bubbly "champagne" congratulations for the successful year 2005 to Frédéric and Ulpu!

Year 2006 started with a very nice achievement! 

In an international dogshow in Vincenne, Paris on the 7th of Jan 2006, Daily Rays Midnight Queen "Chelsea" (Lorinford Harlequin & Harlequin Hesperides) did wonderfully by winning the open class and receiving the res-CC and res-CACIB!!!

Judge: Mrs. Catherine Zingg (GB)
"Very pleasing breed type. Good reach of neck and well layd back schoulders. Would prefer a little bitt more lenght to upperarm. Deep well ribbed body. Good turn off stiffle. Excellent coating and overal presentation. Handled to advantadge. Moved well."

Our warmest congratulations and a big hug to John & Ann and Chelsea!!!


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