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Our hearts are full of happyness, joy and love to tell you, that our golden "Sulo" Lorinford Harlequin has again become a multiple father in europe and overseas.

The gorgeous "Gemma" (Spiritlodge What a Little Gem) delivered on 3rd of December the first Lorinford Harlequin litter in Canada in Spiritlodge-Kennel, 4 beautiful puppy-girls and 5 handsam puppy-boys. Mrs. Wendy Lepper is very proud of the great puppy-family.

Of-Golden Fall Kennel in Switzeland has also got the own "Sulo" little ones. On the 30th October delivered the pretty "Chelsea" (Xanthos Ruby Murray) to Sulo 6 energetic puppy-boys and 1 sweet little puppy-girl.

In the night to the 30th of October the golden beauty "Opus" (Ashbury Oh Pretty Girl) delevered in Ashbury-Kennel in France to "Sulo" 7 wonderful puppy-girls and 1 mighty puppy-boy

The whole Daily Rays family wishes all the 24 new Lorinford Harlequin pups a cheerful and happy time as a puppy and a lot of luck and success in time to come.

New photos of Wilma and Sulo puppies in age of 4 weeks.

Our warmest congratulations to Sulo's son Pikestar's Wheels on Fire for 3th CC and for BOS placement in Hollola on 3th of November 2001!

A superb golden litter was born to "Wilma" Lorinford Hesperides and "Sulo" Lorinford Harlequin on 29th October 2001. The whole Daily Rays family is extremely happy about these tiny new members of family.

On 14th of October 2001 were born in Italy to Maya (Royal Crest Gold-N Seven Bar Seven with Lorinford) and Sulo (Lorinford Harlequin) an excellent litter, 4 puppy-girls and 3 puppy-boys.

At Pikestar's Kennel were born 13th September 2001 a super litter to Friida and Sulo, 10 equal, great puppies: 5 sweet girls and 5 handsam boys. (Kennel Pikestar's)

In 20th -anniversary show of Golden Ring in Piikkiö 26th August 2001 Viivi again successful, winning her own class (puppies 7-9 months) …..and PRIZE of HONOUR

Viivi´s great BOB- and BIS-serie continued in Orivesi 25th August - BOB-puppy and BIS-3 in all breeds´ show.

11th August in Parkano Nelli and her baby-girl Viivi continued their brilliant success in show rings, judged by Paavo Mattila
Nelli: BOB, BIG-3 and CC
Excellent bitch, beautiful head, beautiful and nice expression, good neck, excellent body and bone, just right angulations, very good topline, excellent coat, moves well, nice behaviour.
Viivi: BOB-puppy and BIS-4 puppy
Excellent puppy, beautiful head and expression as well as neck, excellent body, very good topline, excellent legs, very beautiful coat, moves extremely well, nice behaviour, supremely promising puppy.

Sulo´s little-daughter Noudon Nature-Nurse splendid qualified in the field 9th August, only in the age of 10 months. Congratulations to the owners , which have also breeded this sweet golden girl!!

Sulo´s daughter Goldensmile Kiss of Love qualified in the field 4th August. Later in this month she got the first CC as well. Warm congratulations to the owner and breeder!!!

7th July 2001 Nelli-mom and the sisters Viivi and Veera visited all breeds´dog show in Kauhajoki. This show was the first one for Nelli this year, but her achievement was fine Best Bitch-2 , beaten only by Sulo´s daughter Flavens Madeleine. CONGRATULATION MADELAINE! FIRST SHOW, FIRST CC AND BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX!!!!!!
Just 7 months old sisters Viivi and Veera started their show career brilliant. Viivi was BOB-puppy as well BIS-2 puppy of all breeds’ puppies. Veera was the second in her own class receiving also a prize of honour! A super show start to both girls!

30th June 2001 Sulo appeared in an International Dog Show in Seinäjoki. His achievement was again fantastic BIS-1 veteran of all breeds´veterans. Sulo was also crowned the most beautiful veteran in Botnia. As a BIS judge acted a very respected Englishman Michael Quinney.
Sulo´s daughter Bandolero´s Calamity Jane was in Oulainen 5th of May 01 again BOB and BIG-4.
This year 5th of May in Teerijärvi in her first show Wilma still compeeted in Junior Class and achieved great 3rd place in Best Bitch competition.

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