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The great results of the first "Wilma"(Lorinford Hesperides) and "Sulo" (Lorinford Harlequin) litter to the health statistics got on: "Dolly" Daily Rays Song of Wind, hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes clear.
Warm hugs and congratulations to Ritva and Dolly!

Now the girls of Wilma and Sulo have left for their new homes,
"Oona" Daily Rays Midnight Star to Enfors-family in Kokkola, "Sunny" Daily Rays Midnight Sun to of-Wooden-Bench -kennel in Germany and "Chelsea" Daily Rays Midnight Queen to Green-Fields -kennel in Holland.

I am grateful and happy to be able to give my sweet girls to trustworthy hands and loving homes!

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Happy news of Sulo's son Travis from Germany!
At the Kassel International Dog Show on the 7th and 8th of December 02 Travis of Graceful Delight (Kerrin of Graceful Delight x Lorinford Harlequin) became BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR "Jugendsieger Kassel"!
Travis of Graceful Delight, excellent1, junior CC, judge Dagmar Winter
the best junior of all FCI-groups of the 1st day
on the 2nd day he became Best in Show Junior of all FCI-groups of both days
There were 238 breeds and about 1000 dogs were shown in junior classes.

Sulo-dad and the whole Daily Rays family sends warm hugs and congratulations to Travis, the whole Becker family and Birgit for this super success! .

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At the Great Retriever Christmas Show on the 9th of December 2002 in Wettingen, Switzerland, the day was most successful to "Sulo's" and "Wilma's" beautiful daughter, Saphir, Daily Rays Whisper of Wind. She was BOB junior (class 9-18 months, 33 competitors) and on top of all she was chosen with all judges' common judging to the BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW!
There were 102 goldens at the show.

Mom-Wilma, Dad-Sulo and the whole Daily Rays golden Family sends the warmest hugs and congratulations to Janine, Elsbeth and Sapfir for the splendid success!

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judge Mrs.L.Strudwick:
"Pretty bitch, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, good bent of stifle, lovely topline, moved well."

"Aleksi" Daily Rays Run with Wind (Lorinford Harlequin x Lorinford Hesperides) received the final confirmation from The Finnish Kennel Club of his hips and elbow results: hips A/A, elbows 0/0.
This is a great start in health statistics of Sulo's and Wilma's first litter.

Wilma's (Lorinford Hesperides) and Sulo's (Lorinford Harlequin) puppies at 4 weeks.

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The progenies of Lorinford Harlequin again cheered their father up, this time at the International Show in Jyväskylä on the 17th of November 2002.
Daughter, Gladtail Fabulous Twist was splendidly BOS and received CACIB and son Eisapurran King Harald was in very high-class stud competition Best Dog-5 and got CC (all the studs in front were INT CH:s). What a great achievement to Harald in his 3rd show!

Dad-Sulo and the whole Daily Rays family congratulate the winners!

The first Lorinford Harlequin litter was born in Estonia!
Beautiful "Donna" (Majik Greensleeves) delivered on the 6th of November 2002 to "Sulo" (Lorinford Harlequin) 8 puppies, 3 handsam puppy-boys and 5 sweet puppy-girls at Terra Antyda-kennel.

The whole golden Daily Rays family congratulates Mairi and Donna-mom!

The great litter of Wilma (Lorinford Hesperides) and Sulo (Lorinford Harlequin), 3 puppy-girls and 1 puppy-boy at 2 weeks.

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At all breed Dog show in Seinäjoki on the 27th of October 2002 "Dolly" Daily Rays Song of Wind (Lorinford Harlequin x Lorinford Hesperides) succeeded superbly, winning her own junior class with PRIZE of HONOUR. The judge of the competition was utmost critical and only one of a large number of golden bitches, a veteran bitch received CC quality. So "Dolly" was actually the second best golden bitch!
Our dearest hugs and congratulations to Ritva and Dolly!

At the International Dog show in Oulu on the 13th of October 2002 "Veera" Daily Rays Snow Crystal (Lorinford Harlequin x Dewmist Cardanella) won her high-quality class and received CC quality.

We have received very dear and pleasant greetings from Canada, from "Nokia's" gorgeous sister "Kiri" Spiritlodge Lyrical Finnish (Lorinford Harlequin x Spiritlodge What a Little Gem). She has been undefeated in her puppy class and has twice been Best Golden Puppy in Breed. At the moment she is training for her Tracking degree and her Working Certificate.

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In the photo our beauty is just 10 months old.

We have happy family news again, this time from Merridew-kennel in Sweden. On the 12th of October 2002 were born 4 handsome puppy-boys to "Daisy" Dewmist Daisydelle and to "Sulo" Lorinford Harlequin.
Our dearest hugs to Erika and the whole golden Merridew family!

We have received joyful news from Switzerland "La Romandie in Moudon"-show on the 30th of September 2002.
Daily Rays Whisper of Wind "Saphir" (Lorinford Harlequin x Lorinford Hesperides) started splended her show career, winning Junior-class bitches (V1). The opposite sex was unexpectly her half brother, the winner of studs, Enjoy Your Lance of Golden Fall "Lance", which became Junior Winner.

Our warmest congratulations to Elsbeth and Janine and Rita for fine success!

Enjoy Your Lance of Golden Fall, judging:
Very nice boy of good size and substance. Beautiful head, very soft expression, nice feet and bone, good pigment, well angulated front and rear. Just needs time to settle and I'm sure he will mature a super example.
judge Mrs. M. Everett-Monks

Daily Rays Whisper of Wind, judging:
Very nice feminine head with good expression. Dark eyes and pigment. Well balanced throughout. Good shouldes and angulation. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Short coupled. Level tail set. Strong hind quarters. Good movement and aft.
judge Mrs. M. Somerton

Happy family event at the end of October, "Wilma" Lorinford Hesperides and "Sulo" Lorinford Harlequin will have a long awaited litter!

At all breed dogshow in Porvoo on the 15th of September 2002 "Veera" Daily Rays Snow Crystal and "Dolly" Daily Rays Song of Wind continued their great success, "Veera" 1/3 in Intermediate class and CC-quality and "Dolly" 1/2 in junior class and CC quality!

"Veera" Daily Rays Snow Crystal and "Dolly" Daily Rays Song of Wind were victorious again at their next show In Kannus on the 31st of August 2002. "Veera" won her class, got her second CC and was placed Best Bitch-2. "Dolly" also won her class and with prize of honour!

All the dearest friends were waiting for Daily Rays Aston Martin's arrivel to his new home in Gödersdorf.

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Aston at the airport of Klagenfurt

"Veera" is now back in rings! After a long vacation Daily Rays Snow Crystal started splendedly at Vesilahti Group Show on the 18th of August winning CC and achieving BOS.
First time in a junior class competing 9-months old "Dolly" Daily Rays Song of Wind won her class and was Best Bitch-3.

Daily Rays Snow Crystal

Daily Rays Aston Martin "Aston" flew to his new home, Rosthorn-kennel in Austria on the 4th of August 2002 in a safe and gentle care of his new owner Liotta Santa and her girl friend Karin. I know that "Aston" will have the best possible life in his new "Alpine Land" home, but however I will miss that little-boy very much. "Aston" made our family's wonderful summer complate.

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Daily Rays Aston Martin almost 8 weeks old

At Rovaniemi Group Show on the 3rd of August 2002 Sulo's son Lilldale's Ultra Modern "Taavi" was great BOB, BIG-5 and received his second CC.
Our warmest congratulations to Sussu and "Taavi" for this fine success!

Klikkaamalla kuvaa kuvagalleriaan !
CC, BOB, BIG-5 Lilldale's Ultra Modern, CC, BOS SV CH Solstrimmans Ålmajhart

The progenies of "Sulo" Lorinford Harlequin had a successful and great Saturday the 27th of July 2002.

Woodchuck's Alpine Rose "Pinja" qualified in the field by her first attempt and so she became FIN CH!

Carneval's Trick or Treat "Eppu" got his III CC at Groupshow in Iisalmi, all 3 CC within 3 weeks! Now we look forward to the successful qualifying in the field.

Daily Rays Run with Wind "Aleksi" succeeded again fine at Groupshow in Jurva placing BOB and BIS-1 puppy. "Aleksi" moves now to the junior class and will have new demanding challenges ahead of him.

"Sulo"-father and the whole Daily Rays family congratulates warmly Pinja, Eppy and Aleksi!

We spent the 10th-birthday of Lorinford Harlequin "Sulo" on 16th of July 2002.
Warm thanks to you all, the anniversary was unforgettable!

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The little-boy of "Sulo" and "Nelli" was named Daily Rays Aston Martin.

Photos at 6 weeks
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Our own bitches Lorinford Hesperides "Wilma" and Daily Rays Snow Flake "Viivi" were also successful at Kokkola international show on the 14th of July 02, "Viivi" placed Best Bitch -3 and "Wilma" Best Bitch-5.

Now is suitable time to take a little break and enjoy summer and sun, being in our summerhouse and playing with our baby-puppy, which is leaving soon for his new home!

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"Sulo's" son Carnevals' Trick or Treat succeeded great at all breed show on 7th July 02 in Pello. He placed Best Dog-3 and got the first CC.

The following weekend at the international show in Kokkola he was Best Dog-2 and received his second CC and res.Cacib=CACIB (the winner was already Int.Ch.)
Our warmest congratulations to "Eppu" and the whole Pekkala family!

The son of "Sulo" and "Wilma" Daily Rays Run With Wind "Aleksi" started great at Honkajoki Groupshow on 6th of July 02 placing BOB-puppy and BIS-4 puppy. Fine start both to "Aleksi" and to the owner, which both were the first time at show ring!
Our warmest congratulations to Helena and Aleksi!

Handsam puppy-boy of "Nelli" x "Sulo" at 3 weeks.

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At the International Dogshow in Forssa on 30th of June 02 Daily Rays Snow Flake placed Best Bitch-3.

After tragic occurance all 10 unborn puppies of "Tilda" and "Sulo" perished only a couple of weeks before birth at Silveric-kennel.

"Nelli" & "Sulo" got on the 11th of June 2002 a long-awaited puppy-boy! The great little-big boy looks very promising. All seems to be ok. Mom-Nelli is doing fine.

Photos of Little-boy !
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Little-Dolly, Daily Rays Song of Wind already starts fitting her paws to the father's. This time at all breed show in Saarijärvi the 15th of June -02 "Dolly" was splendidly BOB-puppy
Our dearest congratulations to Miss-Dolly and Ritva

Daily Rays Snow Flake "Viivi" goes on with marvellous success from one show to the other…
At all breed show in Pietarsaari on the 8th of June 2002, won her own class and Best Bitch-3
At all breed show in Saarijärvi on the 15th of June 2002 , won her own class and Best Bitch-4

Lorinford Harlequin made glorious entrée in Lapua!
After one year's break "Sulo" further performed with a style of a great top winner at the Gala Show of the BOB veterans from South Ostrobotnia. As an invited guest the fine gentleman, last year's winner, however did lose to Lapua's own boy, Biki the Finnish hound dog. The international judges still admired Sulo's fantastic performance and appearance. Anyway some extra kilos from retirement had an impact on judges' choice…

Following day, the 9th of June -02, at all breed dog show in Lapua Lorinford Harlequin returned also to the show rings with fine result BOS and BOS-veteran!
Lorinford Hesperides "Wilma" performed also first time after a year's break in show rings in Lapua, placing Best Bitch-2. Her splendid day was crowned by the first CC!
"Wilma's" and "Sulo's" sweet daughter "Dolly" Daily Rays Song of Wind completed the great success of the family, BOB-puppy and BIS-5.
What a fantastic day to Daily Rays!

At all breed show in Tuusula on the 2nd of June 2002 "Sulo's" daughter "Pinja's" (Woodchuck's Alpine Rose) splended success continued: within one month all 3 CC:s and to crown this all BOB and BIG-1 in Tuusula.
Now we are looking forward with great eager to the successful qualifying in the field!

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The sisters ”Veera” and ”Viivi” had their eyes examined on 29th of May 2002. The eyes of both gorgeous girls were sound and clear.

The puppies at Tottelina kennel were born!
“Skorpan” Tottelina Orchid In Snow and “Sulo” Lorinford Harlequin have got 3 sweet baby-girls and 4 great baby-boys.
Our dearest congratulations to Susanne and the whole golden family!

BIS-1 INT&FIN CH Pauclere Pot of Gold & BIS-2 Daily Rays Snow Flake

"Viivi's" great show weekend on 18th -19th of May 2002 in Helsinki!
Viivi, despite her young age, was BIS-2 at GR's Club Show and at the following day she placed at Golden Special show BestBitch-3.

In Champion/CC class competed also Viivi's sister Daily Rays Snow Berry.

1 Daily Rays Snow Flake, 2 Fin Ch Karvin Rio Ramanda, 3 Daily Rays Snow Berry

Sulo's daughter Woodchuck's Alpine Rose was in Pori at all breeds dog show on the 18th of May-02 BOS and received alraedy her second CC.
Well done Henna and "Pinja"!

The litter of Honey Queen Kennel was born on the 17th of May 2002 in Sweden. "Agnes" The Way Old Friends Do and "Sulo" Lorinford Harlequin have got 3 pretty girls and 3 handsam boys.
Our dearest congratulations to Annika and Kaj Hjälm!

"Sulo's" son Häämörin Kultakuume paded along at age of 11 months on his father's paw tracks. At his first show in Pori on the 4th of May -02 he was Best Dog-3 and obtained CC.

At his 2nd show in Orimattila on the 9th of May-02 he was BOB, BIG-5 and got his second CC!
We warmly congratulate the breeder and the owner on the splended achievements!!

The official hips and elbow classifications of Daily Rays Snow Christal "Veera" (Dewmist Cardanella x Lorinford Harlequin) arrived from the Finnish Kennel Club: hips A/A, elbows 0/0.
"Veera's" dear brother Daily Rays Snow Storm "Pyry"has also been examined, and the results were equally brilliant: hips A/A, elbows 0/0. "Pyry" had his eyes examined at the same time: and they were quite clear!

Daily Rays Snow Flake "Viivi's" success is like a sweet dream, which is hard to believe by yourself to be true. At Mänttä Groupshow on the 4th of May 2002 she was again BOB and BIG-2.
Mother "Nelli" Dewmist Cardanella won also her own class and became Best Bitch-4.
Now is suitable time to take a little breather....

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We learned great news from Sulo's daughter Woodchuck's Alpine Rose "Pinja". On the 4th of May 2002 at Groupshow in Pori she became BOS and received CC.
Our warmest congratulations to the breeder, which is also the owner of this sweet golden.

With great interest we follow the success of Friida's and Sulo's progienies in puppy class.
At Loviisa group show on the 21st of April Pikestar's Sweet Story BOB-puppy and BIS-2 and his sister Pikestar's Sweet Luxory BOS-puppy.

At Lahti International Show on the 28th of April Pikestar's Sweet Future BOB-puppy and Pikestar's Sweet Story BOS-puppy.
This is a good start for successful future!

At Maalahti show on the 28th of April Daily Rays Snow Flake "Viivi" was again splendidly BOS. Dewmist Cardanella "Nelli" became Best Bitch-2 and got her second CC. This time also only her own daughter was better.

Daily Rays Snow Flake"Viivi" surprised us happyly again in Laihia on the 21st of April 2002. She was BOB, BIG-1, BIS-3 and received already her second CC. The third one she is allowed to take after reaching an age of 2 years.
"Mom-Nelli" Dewmist Cardanella's day also was very successful. She won her class and was Best Bitch-2! Only her own daughter beated her! Daily Rays Snow Christal "Veera" has to take an obligatory spring vacation, because she does change her coat! We look forward to seeing "Veera" soonest in show rings again!

Lilldale's Ultra Modern "Taavi" is stepping into his Sulo-father's footprints. In Viitasaari on 20th of April 2002 he gained his first CC and was Best Dog-2. Our dearest congratulations to Taavi and Susanna on great success!!

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"Sulo's" first winning son in North America!
At four month and one week of age, Spiritlodge Fascinatin' Finnish, "NOKIA"entered his first All Breed All Age Sanctioned Match. He was BEST IN SHOW over all age groups!

Our dearest congratulations to Wendy Lepper and Spriritlodge kennel. Wendy, you have done a great job with Sulo/Gemma litter!

See Nokia in our photogallery!
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Dewmist Cardanella "Nelli" visited with her daughters "Veera" and "Viivi"the group show in Kihniö on 13th of April very successfully. "Nelli" won her own class, received CC-quality and was Best Bitch 4. "Veera" was also winner in her class, got CC-quality and was Best Bitch 2. It was "Viivi's" turn to be the second in her class, she also received CC-quality and was Best Bitch 3.

"Sulo's" marvellous daughter Gladtail Fabulous Twist is competing still in junior class, but gained already her second CC, was BOB and BIG-2 at group show in Mikkeli on 13th April -02. What a brilliant start for show career to the young beauty.
Our warmest congratulations to Anne and Piia!

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Daily Rays Goldens great weekend on 6th -7th of April 2002
Daily Rays Snow Flake "Viivi" was not worse than her sister "Veera" at her first official show. The show result at Rautio Dog Show was unforgettable BOB, CC and BIG-4.

Following day at Sysmä Dog Show "Viivi's" and "Veera's" sister Daily Rays Snow Berry "Iina" continued Daily Rays' success gaining splendidly BOS and CC.
Joyful congratulations to Anita and the whole Family!!
We look forward to having the rest 3 siblings from this litter to the showrings!

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At Åbo Open Show on the 24th of March 2002 started three of Friida's and Sulo's puppies their show career. In their class puppies 5-7 months Pikestar's Sweet Future was 1st, Prize of Honour and BIS-2, Pikestar's Sweet of Luxury was 2nd receiving also Prize of Honour and 3rd was Pikestar's Sweet Salsa.
Our warmest concratulations to Pirkko and her girls!!

Veera started in intermadiate class her show carreer fantasticly at the International Championshipshow in Tampere on the 16th of March 2002. She won her class, achieved CC quality and was Best Bitch-5. That was a great achievement to Veera at her first official show.

At Ego's kennel was born on the 12th of March a long awaited and beloved puppy-boy to Lady and Sulo.

At Makuuni-Kennel were born a sweet litter to Darla and Sulo, 2 puppy-girls and 1 puppy-boy on the 7th of March.

Sulo's daughter, Gladtail Fabulous Twist, had a great start at the International Championshipshow in Imatra on the 16th of February 2002. She achieved BOS and CC. Unfortunately as a junior-class competitor she could not receive her CACIB.
Our warmest congratulations to Piia and Anne for this super golden!

The sister of Viivi and Veera, Nuppu (Daily Rays Snow Drop) has been x-raid in January. We can be very proud of the result: sound hips A/B and elbows 0/0.

JCH CZ, JCH SK, CH CZ, CH SK, INT.CH, PZ-1.cena Skandinavia Finland-Dora and Sulo have got a great litter in Check, 4 sweet puppy-girls and 4 handsam puppy-boys were born on 8th of February 2002.
e-mail: ristomaki@cbox.cz
New photos of Gemma and Sulo puppies at 8 weeks.
Photos of Chelsea's (Xanthos Ruby Murray) and Sulo's sweet puppies at 7,5 weeks in Switzerland.
Photos of the excellent puppies of Opus (Ashbury Oh Pretty Girl) and Sulo in age of 6,5 weeks at the Ashbury-kennel in France.
In Paris were born on 19th January 2002 to beautiful Pepite (Pepite D'or du Coin de Paradis) and handsam Sulo (Lorinford Harlequin) 2 sweet puppies, a puppy-girl and a puppy-boy.
Finally we have got photos to our photogallery from overseas of the great puppies of Gemma (Spiritlodge What a Little Gem) and of Sulo (Lorinford Harlequin) in age of 3 weeks and in age of 5 weeks.
Wilma and Sulo sent their puppies to the new homes to conquer the world:
dog Daily Rays Catch the Wind, "Finn", France
dog Daily Rays Like the Wind, "Daily", Holland
dog Daily Rays Run with Wind, "Aleksi", Finland
bitch Daily Rays Sound of Wind, "Phoebe", Germany
bitch Daily Rays Song of Wind, "Dolly", Finland
bitch Daily Rays Story of Wind, "Amanda", Finland
bitch Daily Rays Whisper of Wind, "Saphir", Switzerland

The whole Daily Rays family wishes the puppies the very best and happiest life in loving hands and a lot of success in life to come.

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