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Daily Rays Midnight Queen "Chelsea" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) was in an international dogshow in Kassel, Germany on the 11th of Dec. 2005. She was second in the open class and received res-CC!

To us Chelsea is always a winner :), for she has simply such a loving personality!!!

Our heartfelt congratulations to John & Ann and Chelsea!!!

BiH Ch Daily Rays Sun Shine "Ulpu" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) has always happy news for her birthfamily....
On the 3rd of Dec. 2005 in Rouen, France in an international show she won her class and also received CACIB! What a start for her career in the championclass!!!

Here is Ulpu's WONDERFUL YEAR...

15 shows: 13 times placed first, 2 times second in her class!
6 x CC
4 x res-CC, 1 x res-CACL
3 x res-CACIB
2 x BOB
-winner of intermediate class in the France Champion show
-BiH Champion
(and she is only 2,5 years old)

Our outmost congratulations to Frédéric and Ulpu!

You can see Lorinford Harlequin "Sulo" on the video. Download the video from here.

Success continues...

In an international dog show in Metz, France on the 6th of Nov. Daily Rays Catch the Wind "Finn" (Lorinford Harlequin&Lorinford Hesperides) was once again BOB, received a CC and a CACIB and was finally placed BIG -2!!! 

Our golden congratulations to you once again Cathy, Gérard and Finn!

Daily Rays Catch the Wind "Finn" (LOrinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) once again made a wonderful comeback to the showrings!!! On the 23rd of Oct, 2005 in Strasbourg, France in an international show Finn won the open class and was BOS and received a CC and CACIB. He is a wonderful showman!!!

Warmest congratulations to Cathy and Gérard and Finn!!!

 Daily Rays Catch the Wind

Our own girls also had a nice weekend in Seinäjoki on the 22nd and 23rd of Oct, 2005! Daily Rays Snow Flake "Viivi" (Lorinford Harlequin & Dewmist Cardanella) was BOB on Sunday!!!

And Daily Rays Spring Honey "Maija" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) was placed BB-4 on Saturday and received a Res-CC!!!

 Daily Rays Snow Flake

More happy news from Germany from Daily Rays Charming Spring "Jalo" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides)! On the 24th of Sept, 2005, at the age of only 19 months, he passed HZP (autumn's breeding test) which is a very respected HUNTING TEST that gave Jalo the permission to enter the WORKING CLASS in the show. What an honourable achievement!!!!

On the 15th of Oct, 2005 in Bonn Jalo entered the working class for the first time winning it and receiving a CC and Anwart.DT.Ch.VDH!!!

Warmest congratulations Evelyn and Jalo!!! 

Daily Rays family is proud to present "Jalo" Daily Rays Charming Spring (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) from Germany. Despite his young age Jalo has prooven to be a versatile, wonderful Retriever!!! 

Health; Hips A1, elbows 1/0 , eyes clear/healthy

CHARACTER TEST 23rd of April 2005, judge; Birgit Rabe (Germany)
"Today 13 month-old, very tempermental and trusting dog who lives in the city in a drove of dogs, showed passionate hunting qualities. His thoughfulness towards his handler and also towards strange people is very high. Returning instinct is strong. In a drove he radiated security and trust. Towards strange people he is very sure, trusting and calm. Regards optical and acustic situations indifferently; in each shooting situation interested. Shot proof. Typical representation of his breed."

On the same day Jalo passed the OBEDIENCE A-test with the highest possible score (16)!!!

BREEDING LISENCE showing, 30th of April 2005, judge Dagmar Winter (Germany)

"Excellent head, friendly expression, very good lenght of neck, sloping shoulder, level upper line, beautiful front, deep chest. Very good front and back angulations, strong bone, very beautiful golden color, very good coat and good movement, a little bit narrow from the back."
Breeding conditions: NO

On the 19th of June 2005 in a CACIB show in Oldenburg, Jalo won the junior class and got the VDH junior-CC.

He had a wonderful success in a HUNTING TEST (Jugendprüfung für Retriever) on the 11the of September where there were altogether 11 dogs, golden retrievers and labrador retrievers. What a day again... Jalo was the second best dog in the test!!!!

Heartfelt thank you Evelyn and Rolf for you amazing co-operation, you have made Jalo an especially happy Golden!!!

Photo © Gad
 Daily Rays Sun Shine

In the middle of September "Ulpu" Daily Rays Sunshine (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) visited Gradiska, Bosnia. Our princess brought home three CCs from three shows, now being, at the age of two years, BiH Ch (Bosnia Hertsegovina Champion). Frédéric, what a pleasure it is to travel with Ulpu!!! :)

Here some other wonderful achievements of Ulpu during the year 2005:

Intermediate class: Maubeuge 1st EXC, CC, BOB
Luxenbourg 2nd EXC, Res-CACL
Chateauroux 1st EXC, Res-CC, Res-CACIB
Amies 1st EXC, Res-CC, Res-CACIB
Mantes la Jolie 1st EXC, CC, CACIB
Crepy en Valios 1 EXC, CC, BOB
Open class: Duai 1st EXC, Res-CC, Res-CACIB

Best of congratulations for all of these wonderful achievements Frédéric and Ulpu!!!

Photo © Susanna Kujasalo
 Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise

In an all-breed show in Leppävirta on the 29th of May 2005 "Wilson" Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) was his class with an excellent judgement and received a CC and in the high quality best dog class he was 2nd!!! Judge was Stefan Sinko (Slovenia).

Best of congratulations Heini and Wilson!!!

Already familiar to you "Mika" Daily Rays Touch of Sun (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) was the intermediate class in the Berlin CACIB show with an excellent judgement and also brought the CC home!!! Judge was Raimund Gabriel (Germany).

Warmest congratulations Marianne and Mika!!!

Sulo's daughter BH FIN & Lv & SU Ch LvW-05 Creamline Cherry Lady "Lotta" (Lorinford Harlequin & Sartsa's Amanda) had a nice show weekend in Visby, Sweden on the 2nd of July 2005. Lotta was BB-2 and received a CC and res-CACIB therefore becoming also Swedish Show Champion!!! Judge was Inger Boström.

Two months after that, on the 3rd of September, Lotta passed the Finnish Golden Ring's Character test and on the 17th passed BH-behaviour test!!!

Warmest of congratulations of these amazing achievements once again Marina and Lotta!!!

Sulo's son "Kössi" Pilliklubin Kullan Komia (Lorinford Harlequin & Amanda) who has already reached an honorable veteran age made a graceful entrance to the showrings!

In Nurmo on the 13th of August 2005 he was BD-2, received a CC and was both BOB-veteran and BIS-2 veteran!! In Uusikaarlepyy on the 3rd of July 2005, the same success continued! BD-2, CC, BOB-veteran and BIS-2 veteran. Kössi we are very proud of you!!!

Best of congratulations Kati and Kössi!!!

Daily Rays Catch the Wind "Finn" (Lorinford Harlequin&Lorinford Hesperides) continues his success...

In an international show in St Gallen, Switzerland, on the 21st of May 2005 Finn won the open class, received a CC and a CACIB, was BOB and BIG-2!!!

Again in an international show in Bensagon, France on the 19th of June 2005 he won the open class, received a CC and CACIB and was BOB and BIG-2!!!


Warmest congratulation Cathy, Gérard and Finn!!!

Sulo lives in our memories...

Our beloved Lorinford Harlquin "Sulo" is now gone (16.7.1992-21.5.2005). The great character has left us but his memory will never die. It is difficult to believe that Sulo, who lived his life enjoying every minute and giving us an unmeasureable amount of love and joy is no longer here with us. We will hide the memory of Sulo deep in our soul, we will be joyous and proud of having spent so many years filled with happiness with him. The days with Sulo were full of mutual love and affection. 

Grieving deeply but at the same time thanking for this unique golden gift life has given us and which will carry on through Sulo's offspring here in Finland and all over the world.

Missing him greatly,
Helena & Juhani and the Daily Rays family

We received a wonderful emotionate news from France!!! 
Daily Rays Catch the Wind "Finn" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) took part in a big international show Europasieger Zuchtschaun on the 7th of May, 2005 in Dortmund, Germany. Finn won the open class, then received the CC, Dt. Ch. VDH and CACIB, was BOB and won the title of VDH-EUROPASIEGER 2005!!!

In Club Show Langenthal in Switzerland on the 10th of April, 2005, Finn also won the open class and received a CC!!!

We are very proud and thankful for these successes!

Photos © M. Lautner

Our warmest congratulations to Cathy, Gerard and Finn!

Our "sun girl" from Germany, Daily Rays Sun Crystal "Satu" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) passed the field trial for retrievers on junior level and on top of that the dummy-A test in April. Great work, this is a good place to continue from!!!

Photos © M. Rohlf

Our sincere congratulations Andrea and Satu!

A happy Easter greeting from France!!! 
On the 26th of March, 2005 in Maubeuge, Daily Rays Sun Shine "Ulpu" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) won the intermediate class, received a CC and was BOB and BIG -3. What a wonderful achievement once again!!!

Judge: Jean Jacques Dupas (France)

"Wonderful head with plenty of sweetness. Excellent eye in form and color. Lovely head design from profile. Very feminine bitch. Good fore and hindquarters. Lovely movement. A bitch of high class"

Warm congratulations Frédéric and Ulpu!

After a long break FIN & Lv Ch & LvW-05 Creamline Cherry Lady "Lotta" (Lorinford Harlequin & Sartsa's Amanda) made her comeback to the show ring with style. On the 13th of March, 2005 in the Latvian Winner -05 show she got a magnificent achievement: CC, CACIB, BOB and the title of Latvian Winner -05!!! What a memorable present to bring back home from Latvia!

Our best congratulations to Marina and Lotta!

Already a very familiar guest on our website, Sulo's son from Germany, CH & W Travis of Graceful Delight "Travis" (Lorinford Harlequin & Kerrien of Graceful Delight) has once again added a great merit to his list!!

On the 12th-13th of March, 2005 on CACIB Offenburg Germany, Travis' result in the championclass was as follows: Excellent 1, CC, Anw. Dt. CH. VDH, CACIB and BOS as well as the title of "Winner Ortenau"!!!

Our greatest congratulations to Christine, Peter and Travis!

We also have the pleasure of sending our warmest congratulations and greetings to Travis' sister CH Tangerine Dream of Graceful Delight "Gina" and his brother CH Toto of Graceful Delight "Toto" and to their owners for receiving the wonderful titles of Champion!!!

Lance of Golden Fall "Lance" (Lorinford Harlequin & Xanthos Ruby Murray) has followed is his dad's paw steps!
Lance is the BEST STUD DOG 2004 in Switzerland!!!

Photo (left) © Ganwales

Golden congratulations to Rita and Lance!

Despite her young age "Chelsea" Daily Rays Midnight Queen (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) surprised us with a wonderful, golden achievement!! Belgium's Golden Retriever Club has chosen Chelsea as the Best Golden Retriever 2004!!!

Our warmest thank you and best of congratulations to John, Ann and Chelsea!!

Daily Rays Vivid Spring "Vilma" (Lorinford Harlequin & Lorinford Hesperides) was on her first juniorclass show in Bourges, France on the 20th of Feb. 2005 and did wonderfully by being the BOB-junior!!!

Golden congratulations to Frédéric and Vilma!!!

On the 19th of Feb. 2005 in Tornio Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise "Wilson" (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) won handsomly the intermediate class and ended us being placed fourth best dog!!!

Judge: Markku Santamäki, Finland
"Good proportions, excellent outline. Expressive, good head. Good pigment. Well angulated upper arm but the forechest needs to fill up more. Good bone. Balanced angulations. Behaves and moves well, handled well."

Golden congratulations to Heini and Wilson!!!

 Daily Rays Royal Sun Rise

The one everybody adores; "Pippa" EST & LV & LTU & BALT JCH & BALT JW'03 & LV JW'04 & BALTW'04 Terra Antyda Sani Alabama was chosen to be the BEST SHOW BITCH 2004 in Estonia!!!!

Our sincere thank you and congratulations to Mairi and Pippa!!!

Dear collaborators and friends, January 27th 2005 our address files and all emails were destroyed!!!! 
Could you be so kind as to contact me again, please. 

Thank you, Helena


* * * *

Liebe Freunde und Cooperationspartner,

am 27.01.2005 sind unsere sämtlichen E-mail-Adressen und E-Mails vernichtet worden!!!
Darf ich Euch freundlichst bitten, erneut mit mir Kontakt aufzunehmen!

Vielen Dank, Helena


Daily Rays family is proud to present "Mika" Daily Rays Touch of Sun (Paudell Pure Passion & Daily Rays Snow Crystal) who lives in Germany!

Photos © M. Rohlf
Health results:
hips: A/A
elbows: 0/0
eyes: clear

Character test: 13.11.2004, judge: Maike Harms
"Tempermental almost 1 1/2 year-old dog, who showed today clearly his typical hunting qualities of a retriever. He lives at the countryside with other dogs and cats and he presented a very social behaviour in a pack. He has a strong and trusting relationship with his owners. He behaves very friendly and confidently with unfamiliar people. He is confident during shooting. A typical representative of his breed."
"Character flaws preventing breeding license: none"

Breeding license showing 25th of Sep. 2004, judge: Birgit Rabe
"Excellent type, friendly and open dog, expressive head and gentle look, very good front and back angulation, level topline, already very well formed chest, moves with good drive."
Shooting test: confident
Breeding conditions: none

Mika has taken part in two shows in puppy class (6-9 months), both times he was placed 1st. In juniorclass (9-18 months) Mika has been presented 10 times. 9 times he was placed, he received Res-CC twice and once he won his class (unfortunately in June the CC was not given to juniorclass winners). 

Our warmest congratulations to you Marianne and Mika, this is a good place to continue from!! 

The happiest puppy news from Estonia!!!

Daily Rays Midnight Prince

EST & LV CH Majik Greensleeves



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