I have had Golden Retrievers since 1985 but my work as a breeder is just beginning. All these years I have been able to spend with my Goldens have been rewarding and full of love and mutual devotion. 

As a breeder I do my best to take into consideration all the important sectors such as character, health and appearances. 
Daily Rays Midnight Queen. Photo  Evelyn Mesuere

Both of our children have already moved away from home and started families of their own. Therefore my husband and I have now had the possibility to adjust our lifestyle completely to that of the Golden way of living. For example, our new home was built with our Goldens in mind. They live with us in our home eating and sleeping with us as equal members of our family.  

In my training methods I try to see each dog as an individual and aim to breed all of them to be wonderful personalities. I keep my Goldens occupied with activities they enjoy the most and in which they have the opportunity to have as many succesful experiences as possible; I want them to feel special. For, to me, that they truly are!

I work with my Goldens with all my heart hoping that in the future my efforts will be seen as succesful breeding.  

With love,