Born: 11.3.2004

Owner: Juhani Varjamo 

Hips C/C, elbows 0/0, clear eyes
(eyes examined 12.03.2008)



G.G. parents


WW -00, EuW -00 INT & PL & FIN CH, FIN W-99, PL & PZSG-00, ITW-00
Lorinford Harlequin

GB SH CH Lorinford Lancelot

GB SH CH Nortonwood Checkmate

Lorinford Playgirl

Lorinford Lovestory

Chevanne Free'n'easy of Lorinford

Lorinford Daydreamer


FIN W-06
Lorinford Hesperides

Fairfield Fishers Wish in Narside

GB SH CH Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood

Fairfield Fenella

Lorinford Toffee-nosed

GB CH Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm

Lorinford Anastasia


Show achievements

3 * CC, res-CC, BOB, BIG-4, 2 * BB-2, BB-3, 3 * BB-4, 2 * BOB-puppy, BOS-puppy


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